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Тестирование по английскому языку

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1. Who’s calling, please?


2. Sarah and Simon __________ to go shopping.


3.The children were __________ after the long excursion, so they went to bed immediately.


4.What would you like, Kate? - I’d like the same __________ William does, please.


5.__________ sure all the windows are closed.


6.I’ll go and __________ if I can find someone to unlock the door.


7.What’s the difference __________ squash and tennis?


8.I’m afraid you __________ park in here.


9.I haven’t been to London __________ I was a young boy!


10.Believe it or not! I’ve seen a ghost! I’m not __________ it up!


11.Take the M4 __________ the roundabout, then turn right.


12.I really hope you can find a solution __________ this problem.


13.Could you watch my luggage while I go to have dinner, please?


14.Police __________ that a terrorist group might be behind the explosion.


15.I like people with a friendly smile and a __________ of humour.


16. If I were you I __________ Sam to the wedding.


17. Rudolph’s mom wouldn’t __________ him go to the nightclub.


18. ‘I’ve been living __________ my own, all my life. And I like it!’


19. We were surprised that so many people __________ for this challenging job.


20. I have to apologize to you for my dog’s behaviour but it’s just not used to __________ .


21. This puzzle is __________ for ten year-olds, but I think a five year-old could fit the pieces!


22. We set out at dawn __________ the mountain peak before afternoon.


23. This sign is put here to prevent drivers __________ their cars.


24. ‘You are not leaving me! It __________ be true.’


25. His role in “The Matrix” blockbuster brought him lots of __________ .


26. The article about racism was __________ censored.


27. I’m afraid, now that the __________ is cast, there is no turning point for you.


28. I’ll __________ to it that you arrive to your destination safely.


29. He won the Peace Nobel Prize fair and __________ for his contribution to social justice.


30. He didn’t know how to __________ news of their bankruptcy to Mrs. Eleanor.

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